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 Dear Writer,

First and foremost, thanks in advance for whatever you come up with! I'm really excited to write and receive fic for this exchange. Generally speaking, my preferences range wide--I will read pretty much anything that's pointed in my general direction. So, if the specific prompt ideas I have below don't speak to you and/or you have other ideas that you'd rather write, knock yourself out :). But for reference, my prompt ideas are below:

Lord of the Rings (Ivorwen, Gilraen, Dirhael, Halbarad):
Aragorn's mother/grandparents are woefully underused in fic, IMO, and I continue to be fascinated by this branch of his family tree. I would be very curious to see fic that explores Gilraen's life after she leaves Rivendell to return to the Dúnedain--Tolkien mentions that she does eventually take leave of Elrond to live among her own people once more, and stays there until her death. That had to have been a difficult transition in more ways than one, and I would love to see fic of her adjusting to that life once more, with her parents/other relatives (e.g. Halbarad) playing a fairly active role as well.

The Silmarillion (Idril Celebrindal, Elwing, Nerdanel, Elros, Andreth, Adanel)
Three different sub-prompts here--any one of them would make me super happy! I would love to get something exploring more of Andreth and Adanel's relationship, or Elwing and Elros (at any point in their lives). And for the super random "what-if-these-two-random-characters-were-to-meet" request, I would be super curious as to how an Idril and Nerdanel encounter in Valinor would go :).

The Hobbit (Tauriel, Galadriel, Belladonna Took)
I'd love to see any sort of backstory/gapfiller with any of these three. Tauriel is essentially an open book, so there's lots of background to explore there, and I have always imagined that Belladonna did her fair share of adventuring with Gandalf back in the day. As for Galadriel...perhaps some White Council snark? :)
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