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Or, #tolkienshitpostgenerator

Going to continue to be a bitch and whine about the askmiddleearth tumblr, esp because there is clearly no point in engaging with her on Tumblr because she refuses to respond to any criticsm whatsoever, no matter how polite it is!!

So for Legendarium Ladies April she has decided to do a series of posts on the women who shaped Middle-earth, which would be innocuous in itself, but her categorizations are...questionable. Like, "adventurous women"???? SERIOUSLY??? Who wants to bet that the next categories are going to be "good mothers," "bad mothers," etc. I would give her the benefit of the doubt, but in the context of her other thanks...
On a relatively related note side, I've been relegated to using Tumblr-mobile for the past few days so I can't block notifications on that stupid Shiny Glowing Rock viral post of mine, and can't help but see all the INANE JERKING-OFF that is floating around it. I thought that the winner was the person who tried to say that Remus Lupin doesn't mean Wolfy McWerewolf (but rather "a guy who was raised by wolves,") but then I found the following:

"Legolas’s last name is not Greenleaf. Elves do not have last names. It’s simply the translation of his name.

  • Mount Doom is also known as Orodruin or Amon Amarth.

  • Silmaril means ‘radiance of pure light’. Silima is actually an unbreakable substance specifically created by Feanor when he made the gems; that’s where they get their name.

  • From tolkiengateway: Maedhros’ father-name was Nelyafinwë, meaning “Finwë the Third”, shorter form Nelyo, as his grandfather and father both shared the name Finwë. Nelya is a Quenya adjective that means “third”. His mother-name was Maitimo, “Well-shaped One”, for he was noted for his comeliness. His epessë was Russandol, “Copper-top”, referring to the dark red hair he inherited from his grandfather Mahtan. It is derived from russa, a Quenya adjective meaning “red-haired”. Maedhros having red hair is significant because not many Elves do, so yeah, they’d want to reference it somehow, and it pays homage to his grandfather. Also note how Elves have like 3 names.

  • Celegorm’s “dog” is actually a wolfhound, a hunting dog of the Valar. This particular one was actually given special powers, and is immortal, timeless, and sleepless. So Huan, which means ‘hound’, is his name because he is literally The Hound, the greatest of his kind. (Also, btw, Celegorm? Kind of a dick.)

Why is everyone so surprised when Elvish words have direct Westron/English translations? Why are you all so shocked to find out words mean things?"

No one cares no one cares no one caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaares. Can everyone please calm their tits and realize that the OP, aka moi, was BEING INTENTIONALLY GLIB BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE IS TRYING TO JERK OFF WITH THIER SUPER SRS TOLKIEN KNOWLEDGE 24/7. JESUS. CHRIST.
I am a wee bit bad-tempered this week. In case it isn't obvious.
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