OTW Guest Post: Henry Jenkins

Sep. 21st, 2017 11:06 am
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Banner by caitie of an OTW-themed guest access lanyard

“News of the OTW bubbled up from many directions at once, most likely through my associations with Escapade, but also through an academic colleague whose partner at the time was involved. I was so excited to hear about the emergence of this fan advocacy network which brought together fannish lawyers willing to help protect our fair use rights as fans; fan scholars publishing their work through a peer-reviewed journal; fan programmers using their skills in support of the community; and of course, an archive where fans controlled what happened to their own works without the interference of web 2.0 interests.

Each of these things is important on its own terms, but taken together, this organization has been a transformative force, in all senses of the words, for fans and their rights to participate.”

For our anniversary Henry Jenkins talks fan studies, students, fandom changes over the years & why it's worth fighting for: http://goo.gl/fm19m5

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Using the Mic

Sep. 21st, 2017 02:12 am
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What you're Saying when You Say "I Don't Need the Mic"
By Erika A. Hewitt
August 31, 2017


This is directed at a Unitarian Universalist audience, but can apply to any group or event.

“When a mic is being used at a meeting and someone looks at it and says, ‘Do we really need this?’ I feel outright anger. That person just asked if people like me really exist and demanded that we defend ourselves.”

(no subject)

Sep. 20th, 2017 03:06 pm
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L'shanah tovah u’metukah! For a good and sweet year!

Meme follow up!

Sep. 19th, 2017 08:24 pm
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Thank you for the questions, this was fun!

The list:

1. Yamazaki Sousuke from Free!
2. Maedhros from The Silmarillion
3. Matsuoka Rin from Free!
4. Aomine Daiki from Kuroko no Basuke
5. Rebecca Bunch from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
6. Bodhi Rook from Rogue One
7. Steve Rogers from the Captain America movies.
8. Martha Jones from Doctor Who
9. Jason Todd from the pre-reboot DCU.
10. Bucky Barnes from the Captain America movies.
11. Kagami Taiga from Kuroko no Basuke
12. Victor Nikiforov from Yuri!! On Ice
13. Vanessa Ives from Penny Dreadful
14. Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey
15. Darius from Atlanta

I have so few active fandoms now that I really had to stretch back in my memory palace to find enough characters for this meme. Sad.

Questions )


Sep. 18th, 2017 05:25 pm
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Meme, recently, seen everywhere:

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?", "Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?", "Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?"

3) After your f-list has stopped asking questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

25 Things to Know About the OTW

Sep. 18th, 2017 10:06 am
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OTW 10th anniversary history

We've been around a while now, so as part of celebrating our 10th anniversary here are 25 things to know about the OTW! https://goo.gl/FuuMWS

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OTW 10th Anniversary Chat

What were some of your early experiences like when your work gained its own fans?

I think my favorite experience is seeing the fan art, and seeing fanfic from my books show up in Yuletide. That’s hugely exciting to see fanfic and fan art of your work, especially to someone who was a fan from way back in the print zine era.

The first time something I’d created showed up as a fandom option for Yuletide, I literally cried. Happy tears! But it was like, HOLY WHAT NO HOW OMG VIXY LOOK AT THIS DO YOU SEE THIS. It’s amazing. It’s still amazing. I can’t read any of the fanfic of my own work, but knowing it exists makes me so happy.

Did you miss our chat with Seanan McGuire & Martha Wells? If so check out the transcript of their talk https://goo.gl/Q3Wu6P
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OTW 10th Anniversary Chat

What things have you been excited to see in recent years, either regarding fandom or work in your genre(s)?

*Catherine R.
I really like fanfiction and its explosion on the internet. I think fanfic is a great way for people to learn the craft skills of writing. Many of my college students fall in love with writing that way: by reading fanfic and then starting to write it themselves. I always encourage them to go for it! I love the supportive structure it creates for imagination and fantasy to run wild. I think that realm is so important. Imagination lets us explore quandaries of desire and justice and truth and conflict: all the central problems of what it means to be human.

*Christina L.
It’s been incredibly exciting to see so many writers from our fandom specifically or fandom in general out there publishing books. Of course we all know the big ones—EL James, Cassie Clare—but there are others from the Twi world that had fantastic voices and ideas and who are now also bestsellers. Sally Thorne, Alice Clayton, Nina Bocci, Leisa Rayven, Mariana Zapata, Amanda Weaver—all of these women wrote fantastic fic.

Did you miss our chat with Christina Lauren & Catherine Roach? If so check out the transcript of their talk! https://goo.gl/8DR1PG
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Banner by Alice of a book/eReader with an OTW bookmark and a USB plug going into the spine

TWC's issue 25 is out! Essay topics include book history, women's writing, Teen Wolf, World of Warcraft, Sherlock, cosplay, Lego, Harry Potter & more https://goo.gl/dN3m5a

Trick or Treat Letter 2017

Sep. 13th, 2017 03:11 pm
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[This letter is still in progress and will be finished ASAP.]

Dear Artist or Author,

Thank you so much for making art or writing for me! I'm happy that we share a love for these fandoms and characters. I mean the prompts as suggestions only, in case it's helpful to have a starting point (and it’s fine to make art from my fic prompts or fic from my art prompts). If they don't work for you or if you have an idea you like better, then feel free to go with what inspires you. I don’t want this to be stressful, and I’m sure I will love what you make.

Read more... )

Arang and the Magistrate [art, fic; trick, treat]

Choi Juwal
Kim Eunoh

Read more... )

The Bureau d'Echange de Maux - Lord Dunsany [fic; trick]

Shop Owner (Bureau d'Echange de Maux)

Read more... )

The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison [art, fic; trick, treat]

Cstheio Caireizhasan

Read more... )

The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien [fic; treat]


Read more... )

The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien [fic; trick, treat]

Army of the Dead
The Balrog of Moria
Finduilas of Dol Amroth
The Nameless Things in Moria
Shieldmaiden(s) of Rohan
Witch-king of Angmar

Read more... )

The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien [art, fic; trick, treat]

Durin the Deathless
Original Dwarf Character
Rían of the House of Bëor
Women of the Faithful
Yavanna Kementári

Read more... )

The Sword of Welleran - Lord Dunsany [art, fic; trick, treat]


Read more... )

Die Zauberflöte | The Magic Flute - Mozart/Schikaneder [art, fic; trick, treat]

Königin der Nacht | Queen of the Night
Three Ladies

Read more... )

Five Things Naomi Novik Said

Sep. 13th, 2017 10:31 am
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Five Things an OTW Volunteer Said

As part of our Five Things an OTW Volunteer Said series, we have a special anniversary edition with OTW co-founder Naomi Novik. She discusses its evolution during her 10 yrs volunteering for it: https://goo.gl/nJXJrY

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Prompt solicitations

Sep. 12th, 2017 06:06 pm
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Hey! Gimme prompts. Fandoms likely to be filled: Greek myths, Shakespeare (?! to be warned my taste in WS is more broad than deep), the Silm (but I’m pretty eh about that lately – I just can’t seem to get in the right mindset for it), my beloved sports animes, the pretentious gay British novels that I love, and whatever else you want to throw at me.

If I don’t know the fandom, I will make a sincere effort to make something up. :D

This Week in Fandom, Volume 62

Sep. 12th, 2017 12:45 pm
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This Week in Fandom banner by Olivia Riley

This Week in Fandom: The author of My Immortal and her story, the Not Now I'm Reading podcast talks fanfic and AO3, and more: https://goo.gl/7YLw4h
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The more people whine and caterwaul about wanting Hillary Clinton to exit the national stage and slink back into the woods, never to be heard from again, the more I hope she does stick around and keeps having opinions.

Trick or Treat 2017!

Sep. 11th, 2017 09:54 pm
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Hello dear Trick or Treater! Thank you for writing/arting for me!

Except where noted, please feel free to use any of my general likes in any combination and to mix/match/add them to my fandom-specific prompts as you like. I also have a list of Horror/Spooky Likes; if we matched on Treat rather than Trick, please be assured that I would enjoy those likes in less creepy/horrific circumstances (except maybe the cannibalism and hunted for sport? though if you have a fluffy cannibalism/hunted for sport idea, go for it!).

You may also want to browse my prompts from last year or my dear author letter tag for more prompts/things I like. (My DNWs and Likes have changed over the years, so please refer to this letter if there are conflicts.)

I only requested Fanart for Sleeping Beauty, but I would be open to extra art gifts for any of my requested fandoms. I am also open to both Tricks and Treats in extra gifts.

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ToT Letter

Sep. 11th, 2017 08:34 pm
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HELLO HELLO MY SPOOKY FRIEND. Thank you for writing something for me in this, the most wonderful time of year (of course I mean the run up to Halloween -- I love autumn THE MOST, friend, THE MOST.)

I'm going to give you a quick and dirty version of this letter because I literally decided to sign up today, thanks peer pressure because life is short! Shorter, if you follow my prompts. Let's go!

Likes: I adore stories that dig deeper into characters and situations than the canon had a chance to -- revealing hidden sides to familiar characters and familiarities among strangers. I like AUs -- especially canon-divergent AUs. Those are the best. Slash, femslash, het -- I love it all. Gen, in the form of casefic especially, is adored.

Porn is very much welcome, but certainly not a requirement.

My kink-tastes are on the milder side, and mostly I loved things that denote intimacy the most. Hand-holding, hair-washing, face-touching -- things that make me swoon. I like banter, talking during sex, awkward sex, funny sex. Love mixed with tragedy is my jam, as is friends-to-lovers (or it's more intense cousin, enemies to friends to lovers.) But if you want to go hard, go darker -- I tell you go for it.

I love rich, descriptive writing, but given the short length requirements for this exchange, something short and sweet would delight me as well.

DNWs: Rape/non-con, domestic violence/abuse.

YOI, Dracula, Harry Potter, Northanger Abbey, Frontier Wolf, Original Works, Twelfth Night & Penny Dreadful. )

Meme, via Naraht

Sep. 10th, 2017 07:57 pm
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Comment with a fanfic trope, and I will tell you:
• how likely I am to write it
• what character(s) or pairing I’d most likely write it for

Try 👏🏾 me 👏🏾 please 👏🏾

GenEx works revealed

Sep. 10th, 2017 04:18 pm
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GenEx is an exchange for fic and art about gen relationships. Works are here:

I enjoyed my gift! It's about the complicated Vorkosigan family dynamics.

Fathers and Sons (1193 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Aral Vorkosigan & Piotr Vorkosigan, Miles Vorkosigan & Piotr Vorkosigan, Aral Vorkosigan & Miles Vorkosigan
Characters: Aral Vorkosigan, Miles Vorkosigan, Piotr Pierre Vorkosigan, Konstantin Bothari
Additional Tags: Parenthood, Grandparents & Grandchildren, non-graphic reference to attempt to harm a minor, way less intense than the actual series though

Two men, a boy, and a pony. Aral Vorkosigan watches and muses.

I haven't had time to browse the rest of the collection yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
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OTW 10th Anniversary Chat

Did you miss the chat with author Lev Grossman? If so you can check out the transcript of his talk at https://goo.gl/KGa7sw


Sep. 9th, 2017 11:30 pm
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I was majorly, majorly sick following Labor Day. I have no idea what triggered it, but on Wednesday (ironically, after a doctor's appointment when I felt great and received some welcome news), I caught a chill (probably on the bus, which is FREEZINGLY COLD in the mornings, I don't understand why it needs to be that cold) or from the man with a hacking cough sitting behind me on the hell bus that HE DID NOT BOTHER TO COVER. Why do people do this. This is not your home, this is public transport. OTHER PEOPLE NEED TO BREATH THE AIR TOO.

Anyway. The week was terrible! I barely survived! Even yesterday I was feeling crummy. But today I'm feeling so much more human, thank God. I marked off a couple of things on my to-do list. First, I went grocery shopping -- split between Aldi and Kroger. I thought, as I always do when I go to Aldi, why don't I shop at Aldi more often? The milk prices are consistently the lowest around. (After a brief flirtation with going non-dairy, I'm back -- well, sort of. I need something for my smoothies, and skim milk has more nutrients (esp protein) than my beloved but expensive almond milk.) But Aldi is -- well, it's located at an awkward spot on the highway and closes early. Plus, I have to think ahead and make sure I have reusable bags in my car. (I'm trying to solve this problem by just keeping some in my car, but I'm really inconsistent about it.)

Anyway. I also worked on the last chapter of Assault to Abjury (conveniently shortened to Ass2Ab on GDocs) -- it's currently at 3K and probably will be 6-7K when all's said and done. I last updated it two years ago, but I got a comment on it this week. It's my most subscribed WIP on AO3. I have been completely unable to finish it for years. I'm not sure the direction I'm going in will please the readers, but hey, that's the risk of following WIPs, right? (This is why I don't follow WIPs myself, haha.)

And DONE: Yuletide noms! Here they are:

?! Atlanta (TV 2016)
?! Earnest 'Earn' Marks
?! Darius (Atlanta (TV 2016))
?! Alfred 'Paper Boi' Miles
?! Van (Atlanta (TV 2016))

?! The Innocents (1961)
?! Miss Giddens (The Innocents)
?! Flora (The Innocents)
?! Miles (The Innocents)
?! Miss Jessel (The Innocents)

?! Sakamichi no Apollon | Kids on the Slope
?! Nishimi Kaoru
?! Kawabuchi Sentarou
?! Mukae Ritsuko
?! Katsuragi Junichi

I had a brief moment of annoyance when AO3 wouldn't let me save Darius (Atlanta) and Van (Atlanta) because those tags were already in the tagset under Wonder Woman (2017) (sidebar: HOW?!) -- even though Darius (Atlanta) is already a canonical tag for Atlanta's Darius -- I know because I wrote the only fic in this fandom, featuring Darius but. Sigh. I don't know how AO3 or Yuletide works. I hate clunky character tags, thanks to my time in the Silm fandom. >:(


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