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Quote of  the Day: "Blubbity blurrbity gobbly goop!
                                     Oh make me a pot of Christmas tree soup!
                                     oh, the only delicacy for me
                                     is soup made out of a Christmas tree!" 

Well, I'm back...break was absolutely wonderful, in so many ways. I got to see my family, I got to see all of my friends, I got to be home. It was a little weird...but weird in a good way. I also got to see my cat one last time, for which I'm incredibly grateful...he has cancer, and probably isn't going to be there when I come home for Christmas. Which makes me really sad, but I'm glad I got to say goodbye to him. 

I was happy to be back at school, though. I think being away from it for awhile did me some good...I was starting to feel rather alienated from everything here, but it felt right to be back. I feel much more comfortable about where I am now than I did even a week ago. 

And now its...CHRISTMASTIME!! I just need to rant for a sec about how much I *love* the Christmas season. I love all the pretty lights, the music, the stories, the pine trees, the food, everything. I just love the feeling of the season...I'm not really religious, but I think it's just such a fantastic holiday, once you skate past all the commercialism.  Everyone's so happy and nice to each other...and I love winter and the snow. Which is why I'm rather miffed that it's going to be in the upper forties/fifties for the next few days. I want my December weather, damnit!!!

It is going to be weird not being involved in the usual Christmas things I do, though...obviously I won't be there to help out with the Christmas pageant at church, but quite honestly I'm all pageanted out. I'm more bothered by the fact that I'm not in choir, so I won't be singing at any holiday concerts :-(. Graaagh. I HATE that I'm not singing. Next year...maybe even next semester I can swing it, if I can renew my lifeguarding stuff somewhere else and change my lab time to Monday. 

I'm debating whether or not I want to shell out 45 dollars to get really crap seats for the Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center...I'm *really* tempted. Even though I was in it for ten years...maybe because I was in it for ten years. And I don't think I've ever actually seen the ballet. Just on ice.  

In other news, finals are creeping up...and I have yet to start freaking out. I'm sure I will soon enough...but right now, my workload's pretty light, and I'm content to just sit in my dorm and chill instead of catching up on my econ reading. After all, that's what the reading period's for, right?  


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