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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Since as per usual I've got nothing particularly special planned for the day, I could spend this post educating you all about Single's Awareness Day...but I'm not going to be bitter about this holiday, for once. Instead, I am going to spam you all with the Top Five OTP meme that was floating around my friends' page the other week =D. Because these five pairs are fandom's proof to the world that True Love exists XD.

Warning to [ profile] marycontraire and anyone else who might not want spoilers for Battlestar Galactica Season 4...this entry includes them.


Top Five OTPs under the cut! Image heavy )
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In other news, I passed the 15,000 word mark for NaNo. The story's taking a completely different turn, but I am very very happy. I'm right on track to meet my word-count goal (30,000) and I've got a whole 'nother fifteen days to play around =D.
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So first, a vid out there for anyone out there's who's into Dr. Who. Even if you aren't, this vid is amazing, and is probably my best tool for converting people other than physically sitting them down in front of a TV screen.

I'm sorry to go on again and blather about this show that I love so dearly. But I can't seem to do anything else. I don't write fanfic for this fandom cuz I know I'll get the Doctor wrong, I can't make fanvids, and am not quite talented enough for a picspam. So you'll have to put up with my obsessing in the form of words XD.

I think I've finally started to realize why I'm so nervous about what Series 5 will bring )
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Ladies and Gents...well, probably just ladies...

I emerge from the depths of final papers and exams to proudly present (from the ever-so-lovely [personal profile] fiery_twilight )...

The Doctor/Rose Meme!

1. I will assign a day of the week to each of the first 7 people who respond to this post.
2. Those 7 must post something (fic(s), fic recs, picspams, videos...whatever they want to post) Doctor/Rose related on their journal on the day that I assign them.
3. They will make the journal entry public.
4. I will link to their post in my journal so that fellow Doctor/Rose fans (who may or may not be friends with the person posting that day) can share the squee.
5. The 7 people who are chosen must post this meme in their journal to spread the Doctor/Rose love!

(considering I don't think I have seven friends who are into DW, anyone is welcome to comment for this)

For my meme, I'm posting my top five fanvids--what I consider to be the best of the best in terms of Doctor/Rose music video awesomeness. Some are angsty, some are fun, some simply make me want to bounce around the room from Doctor/Rose love.

Laugh, cry, squee, get up and dance, or simply enjoy:

Fanvids of awesomeness underneath the cut! )


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