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Title: The Queen’s Blade

Summary: In an autumn where the Dúnedain face untold losses, a young blacksmith crafts her first blade.

Rating: Teen

Characters/Pairings: Isilmë, Huor, Dirhael, Nethril

Warnings: None

Author's Notes: This fic is for [ profile] pandemonium_213, who requested a fic about Isilme’s first project as an apprentice. Many, many thanks to my betas, Indy and Salvage (especially Salvage, who isn't even in the fandom), and to Elleth for reading bits of this while it was still in workshop stages.

Apparently this fic is too long to post in one LJ entry!!!! (it's only 7,000 words, what the heck). In lieu of reading it here, you can find it at the AO3 here, and at MPTT here. Please check it out if you so desire--I'm particularly proud of this one and it's all I have to show for my summer, fandom-wise :P.
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Title: Made by Maid
Summary: Aragorn and Isilmë discuss the reforging of Narsil.
Rating: General
Characters/Pairings: Aragorn/Arwen, Nethril/Isilmë
Warnings: None

Author's Notes:This fic takes place the morning after the events of my fic, To the Day's Rising, though it's not necessary to have read that first. This fic also crosses over slightly with the Pandë!verse, and i am hoping at least a couple more Pandë!verse/Suz!verse intersections will follow this :). Many thanks to [ profile] pandemonium_213 for letting me borrow a certain lady smith, and to [ profile] ladyelleth and [ profile] zopyrus for the beta.

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Title: Wandering Light
Summary: Elrond and Elros return to Sirion, take up sailing lessons with Círdan in Balar, and are forced to confront aspects of their past they’d both rather avoid.
Author's Note: With great thanks to [ profile] cairistiona7 and [ profile] zopyrus for the beta.

(Crossposted to the Archive here and SWG here.)
(Also posting this with slightly more fanfare than usual because it's the Silmarillion fic I've ever actually published! *jazz hands*)

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Title: "It's Only a Paper, Moon"
Summary: Erestor abandons his chief assistant to night duty in Rivendell’s libraries. Merineth and Gilraen discuss history and explore the Noldorin archives.
Author's Note: This fic is a companion, of sorts, to [ profile] zopyrus's story When the Moon Hits Your Eye, and she deserves great thanks for the inspiration, beta, and poaching allowances. Thanks also to [ profile] sigridhr for the beta.

(Cross-posted to the Archive here!)

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Finally followed in the footsteps of [ profile] pandemonium_213 and put together a playlist for my B2MeM compilation story, "Burdens of the Wise." These were the songs I had playing on repeat when I was working on this fic, and I finally put them all in an order that flows well for me. A couple songs have a fair smattering of 21st-century references, so aren't ~strictly~ Tolkienian, but the meaning and sentiment fit so well that I kept them in. So, without further ado, here's the tracklist:

1. "All my Rage," Laura Marling
2. "Little Mercy," Doomtree
3. "The Beekeeper," Dessa
4. "Spirited," Laura Gibson
5. "Bad Blood," Bastille
6. "Lament for Frankie," Solas
7. "Veteran," Doomtree
8. "The Dance," Bear McCreary
9. "Many Moons," Janelle Monae
10. "Comfort," Deb Talan

In the further future I might put this up on 8tracks, but that would require rescuing my music files from my old laptop (which currently won't turn on). In the meantime, I've put together a YouTube playlist, which seems a bit hackneyed but will hopefully still serve the same purpose:
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Title: Turning
Summary: Adanel, Ivorwen, and Nethril discuss Aragorn's future.
Author's Notes: Thanks to [ profile] zopyrus for the beta!
[I am holding off posting this to the Archive because in theory it's a WIP, with one more scene to go...but I wanted to put this up for Legendarium Ladies April before the Textual Ghosts prompt got too old. And yes, I changed the title from what it is on Tumblr. I'm fickle like that]

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After a week of fucking terrible writer's block, I reblogged a drabble meme on Tumblr, which requested that people send in a word matched with a character as a prompt. Several people sent me prompts (THANK YOU FRIENDS), and now I've got three Tolkien-drabbles, two of which I'm pretty pleased with (I still can't seem to write Glorfindel to my satisfaction?? It's a continual upward struggle). But I digress. If you're interested, they're behind the cut!

Ivorwen, Fascinated )

Asfaloth, Lovesick (THANKS BUNGO :P) )

Gilraen, Warm )

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Re-reading The Peoples of Middle-Earth lolol )

ETA: [ profile] zopyrus has way better reading comprehension than me and pointed out that there are absolutely two ways to interpret the statement that "Gilraen did not yet desire to be a wife." It never says she's not interested in Arathorn (It also never says she is, but still.), it just says that she sensibly doesn't want to rush into marriage, regardless of her feelings for him. She doesn't turn him down, she goes to her parents for advice, because she feels conflicted. SO none of this in fact does counter my interpretation of the situation/necessarily create a creepiness factor, so I retract some of my capslocked ranting :P
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Sooooo I got some mushy Valentine's Day-inspired emotions about Dirhael and Ivorwen and pounded out ~800 words of a thing. Still debating if I'm actually going to post it up on SoA/AO3, but for now I'll leave it here...

Title: Rambling Man
Summary: As Dírhael anticipates Arathorn's proposal to Gilraen, he and Ivorwen reflect upon their own courtship.
Author's Note: With thanks to Zopyrus for the rapidfire gchat-beta and convincing me this was worth putting up <3.

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 Don't know how many of these I'm going to have a chance to do, but taking advantage of my day off to at least do the first day! 

Day One

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

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Or, What Suzanne Did With Herself Those Two Months She Was Unemployed. This was my magnum opus of summer 2012, and remains the longest story I've ever completed. In some ways it's extremely self-indulgent (a crossover fic featuring two badass ladies sparring plus a whopping dollop of Bruce Banner angst aaaw yeah), and in other ways it was an active attempt on my part to work on aspects of writing that, at the time, were difficult for me (heavy dialogue, action scenes, sustaining a full plot arc over something that turned out to be novella-length). There are things about it that now make me wince (pretty much all the dialogue I wrote for Tony, and a lot of Lin's internal monologuing), but it's solid, and I remain proud of the structure even if some of the minor details are lacking. Also: LIN BEIFONG JOINS THE AVENGERS remains one of the best ideas I've ever had, no matter how the execution played out :P. 

Put All Your Words Away (Incredible Hulk/Avengers AU)

Brooke Banner's childhood, from the perspective of her aunt.

This is a fic that is so AU I could very easily change just a few tiny details and make it my own original fiction. Which I still might do, someday. I'd written a lot of genderswapped Avengers fic before this, and my pre-occupation with a female Bruce Banner led me to think way too much about her backstory, which then led to the full development of Banner's aunt, Jen Robertson, and everything sort of spiraled from there. Not a lot of people read it, I'm guessing because it was so AU, but it's really important to me both in terms of the development of these characters and in terms of proving to myself that I could write about people who didn't have superpowers :P. Also I'm just really in love with both of these characters. Especially Jen.

A Mother's Gift (Lord of the Rings)

Ivorwen and Gilraen contemplate the nature of foresight.

I got back into LOTR fandom at the end of this summer after a loooong hiatus, almost by chance. I actually don't remember now which came first--seeing Fellowship in theaters again (thank you, MOMA), or if I'd already started working on some fic as a way to procrastinate editing my theater history article. Regardless, the two sort of conflated, and I spent all of August trying to resurrect an Aragorn-centric WIP that I'd begun and then abandoned well over two years ago. It's still not finished and now may never be (unless I can find the inspiration/energy to gut it from the inside out), but I still wanted to be writing Dúnedain stories, and September's Teitho prompt lit the perfect spark. The women of the Dúnedain have captivated me from the beginning, and Ivorwen and Gilraen have long fulfilled that maddening position of "favorite characters and there is so little fic about them." So I went and wrote some myself! This was a hard labor of love and no small amount of "l;aksjdfkljsadf I'm basically a newbie all over again help," but it's one I think I'm going to be proud of for a long time to come.  
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] cairistiona7!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day, my friend, and here is my "hypothetical" fic present for you. I hope you enjoy!

(for everyone else: Cairistiona is my usual beta-extraordinaire so I couldn't get this one properly looked at, also it's been a REALLY long time since I've exercised the LOTR fic-muscles so please forgive any mistakes).

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