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Yuletide, Yuletide, how I love Yuletide...

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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Since as per usual I've got nothing particularly special planned for the day, I could spend this post educating you all about Single's Awareness Day...but I'm not going to be bitter about this holiday, for once. Instead, I am going to spam you all with the Top Five OTP meme that was floating around my friends' page the other week =D. Because these five pairs are fandom's proof to the world that True Love exists XD.

Warning to [ profile] marycontraire and anyone else who might not want spoilers for Battlestar Galactica Season 4...this entry includes them.


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A lazy Saturday, for sure. Spent two hours on coursework, which I felt was more than sufficient for the first Saturday back. Went for an hour-long walk through the city, then decided I needed to start working on my special Detailed Edition of my "F*** You, She's Awesome" list.

What exactly is a "F*** You, She's Awesome" list? It's a list of female characters one admires immensely, to the point that if anyone tries to degrade said characters in any way, your only responce can be "F*** you! She's awesome!"  My friend Elizabeth, who got me to make this list in the first place, has been working on a detailed version of this list, in which she individually defends each character. So I started doing that, but...I have over twenty women on my list. So today I only got to my top five. I'm hoping to eventually do every woman on the list, but we'll have to start with these for now:
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Funny how I felt more productive for making this list than I did for finishing my history reading =P.


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