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Quote of the Day: "Thought you wanted to see the Elves, Sam..."
                                 "I do!"
                                 "More than anything..."
                                  "I did! It's just...we got the Ring this far, and I thought, seein' as how you're on the mend, we'd be home soon"           
                                 "You're right, Sam. We did what we set out to do...I am ready to go home."

So tomorrow I'm leaving for home for Thanksgiving break. HOME....I don't think that word has ever had so much meaning for me. I love my home. I love my house, I love my family, I love my town, I love my friends. I'd always known this, but  being a thousand miles away has really hit the nail on the head. And three months is a helluva long time to be away from home, especially if you've never been away from home longer than two camp sessions before. 

Consequentially, I've been thinking a lot in the past couple of days about how my life has gone in the last three months. Starting college is a big adjustment for everyone I think, and I've been no exception. I've had all sorts of ups and downs, ranging from dancing in the streets of Harlem on election night to sobbing on the phone to my mother that I want to go home. But I look back at it, and I ask myself, "Have I changed? Is it in a good way? Do I feel like I fit here? Am I happy?" 

Oh crap. Well, I'm about to head out for Julia's birthday celebration, so I guess I'll have to save the answers to those questions for another time (especially seeing as how I'm not quite sure of them myself just yet). 

Oh, it's raining. Ew. Not conducive to the wearing of high heels.     

*EDIT* Just to clarify, by "oh crap" i didn't mean "oh crap i have to go to this thing" but "oh crap I'm late." Because I like to clarify these things. 


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