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 Dear Writer,

First and foremost, thanks in advance for whatever you come up with! I'm really excited to write and receive fic for this exchange. Generally speaking, my preferences range wide--I will read pretty much anything that's pointed in my general direction. So, if the specific prompt ideas I have below don't speak to you and/or you have other ideas that you'd rather write, knock yourself out :). But for reference, my prompt ideas are below:

Fandoms: Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, The Hobbit )
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Title: Wandering Light
Summary: Elrond and Elros return to Sirion, take up sailing lessons with Círdan in Balar, and are forced to confront aspects of their past they’d both rather avoid.
Author's Note: With great thanks to [ profile] cairistiona7 and [ profile] zopyrus for the beta.

(Crossposted to the Archive here and SWG here.)
(Also posting this with slightly more fanfare than usual because it's the Silmarillion fic I've ever actually published! *jazz hands*)

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Title: "It's Only a Paper, Moon"
Summary: Erestor abandons his chief assistant to night duty in Rivendell’s libraries. Merineth and Gilraen discuss history and explore the Noldorin archives.
Author's Note: This fic is a companion, of sorts, to [ profile] zopyrus's story When the Moon Hits Your Eye, and she deserves great thanks for the inspiration, beta, and poaching allowances. Thanks also to [ profile] sigridhr for the beta.

(Cross-posted to the Archive here!)

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After a week of fucking terrible writer's block, I reblogged a drabble meme on Tumblr, which requested that people send in a word matched with a character as a prompt. Several people sent me prompts (THANK YOU FRIENDS), and now I've got three Tolkien-drabbles, two of which I'm pretty pleased with (I still can't seem to write Glorfindel to my satisfaction?? It's a continual upward struggle). But I digress. If you're interested, they're behind the cut!

Ivorwen, Fascinated )

Asfaloth, Lovesick (THANKS BUNGO :P) )

Gilraen, Warm )

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Hey friends! As a follow-up to the Elvish mixology post I made last night, [ profile] tehta had the idea that we ought to make a list of the "typical" drinks for various time periods and regions, from Gondolin to Gondor and back again. I'm certain there are many people who've developed various headcanons about this sort of thing over the years, and it'd be great to hear them so that we can put together a comprehensive list! This way, not only will people have readily-available fic fodder, but we'll all know exactly what to drink when in need of inspiration :D.

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Two posts in one day, for which I offer a thousand apologies. This one is brought to you by the spontaneous happy hour [ profile] zopyrus and I had this evening, which, as it so often does, led to talk of Boozy Elves. Usually this takes the turn of coming up with ridiculous headcanons about our faves in relation to individual tastes/preferences (We postulated that Finrod, for instance, is not a fan of beer the first time he tries it, but all of his mortal friends really love it so he enthusiastically convinces himself that he loves it after all, and probably later supported all the breweries in Nargothrond), but then it got me thinking about Elves at large.

I don't know at what point this notion wedged itself into my head that Elves primarily prefer wine and hard liquors such as miruvor (I suppose because of all the talk of Dorwinion? And I feel like I rarely read fic of Elves drinking ale?), but it did. But the more I've thought about it I realized that's probably an unfair assumption to make, and slightly hypocritical? given my distaste for the strictly-vegetarian meals we see consumed in PJ's Hobbit film. The Elves are a diverse bunch, and general consumption of wine v. ale probably depends on region/crops grown/etc. So now i am off on a tangent thinking about which groups of Elves preferred which. I'm imagining Lorien was probably more wine-country compared to Rivendell, which at the least probably got ale from the surrounding lands of Eriador?

Also, do you think they developed cocktails?? What kinds?? Cocktails are a pretty recent invention, otoh, immortality gives them time to come up with such things...

I am assuming this has been a topic that has been discussed in other corners of the fandom prior to my coming back aboard, but I do not know where to look, and am curious! 


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