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Dear Yuletide Writer,

First of all, thank you so much in advance!! I am sure I am going to love whatever you write. I am fairly easy to please, and am a firm believer in “optional details are optional,” so if none of my prompts strike your fancy, please feel free to take liberties! That being said, prompts below:

Saga: Klara is my absolute favorite character of the comic, and I would absolutely love to see more of her backstory. What did she do before she met Barr? What was their early life together like? How was it raising Marko? Any of these would be great! Alternatively, I will never say no to Lying Cat & The Will adventures. 

Chronicles of Prydain: I would adore some Coll backstory here, and/or stories of him and Dallben having low-grade adventures around Caer Dallben. And/or Coll slowly figuring out how the heck to be a father figure to baby Taran. 

Thrawn Trilogy: I specifically only requested crew members of the Wild Karrde, mainly because I am in love with everyone on that ship and long to see more shenanigans and adventures starring everyone. 

Old Kingdom: I would LOVE to see more of Lirael and Sabriel interacting following the events of Abhorsen—you never get to see them interacting as sisters following the big reveal, and I imagine that would be a lot for them to both have to navigate. 

Thanks again, and happy Writing! 

<3 Suzelle 

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Dear Yuletide Writer,

FIRST AND FOREMOST sorry this is so late I hope that you do check back for this haha. SECOND AND ALSO FOREMOST: thank you so much in advance! I know I am going to love whatever you come up with. Third: my fandoms! My requests are short this year, for which I apologize, but the upshot is that I love these fandoms so much (and there is so little fic of them) that I'm game for pretty much anything and everything!

FF: Fun shenanigans here would be very much loved! I'm really into the team dynamics of these guys, and Jen is my favorite ever, so something starring her would be great! :D

Saga: So these characters weren't listed as an option but I would LOVE love love a story centering on Klara and Barr...basically anything involving them, and/or gapfillers with Barr as CUTEST GRANDDAD EVER.

Tricksters - Tamora Pierce: Dove is my favorite and my one disappointment with the series is that we get to see her come into her own but never the aftermath--so anything with her being a badass queen would be loved! And/or something exploring her relationship with her sister.

Thrawn Trilogy: Shenanigans aboard the Wild Karrde / more on Mara's relationships with any/all of the crew members. I love Mara and I love Karrde and can never see enough of them.

Again, thank you so much in advance!! Happy writing!!


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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Assignments went out and I realized HEYO I SHOULD ACTUALLY WRITE THIS LETTER.

First and foremost, thank you SO very much for whatever you produce, I know I will love it so much. Optional details are of course very optional, I'm not picky with these fandoms at all.

Federal Theatre Project RPF:

First of all, if this is the fandom you offered, YOU ARE AMAZING AND WE SHOULD BE REAL FRIENDS AFTER ALL THIS. I wrote my senior thesis on these people a year ago and miss them so very terribly, so BLESS YOU FOREVER

Anything with Welles and Houseman trolling Hallie Flanagan/generally being difficult, anything with Harry and Hallie working through their jobs and reminiscing about the good times they had together in college, just...mostly anything with these people, I will love!

Law and Order:

I have a lot of feelings about Claire and a lot of feelings about Jack. ANY sort of gapfiller detailing the origin/nature of Claire/Jack...the great and agonizing thing about this pair was that it was all off-screen, so subtle, so it'd be great to see how things actually unfolded.

Children of Men:

Continuing the "backstory of tragic lovers" theme, I would love a Theo/Julian backstory. Though, considering that all of these characters are immensely fascinating to me, and I love/hate that we only get to see them for a brief time of their lives, if writing the backstory for another character strikes your fancy (Kee, Jasper, any of them really), that would also make me quite happy.

Once again, thank you so much for whatever you put out, I know I will love it!

<3 Suzelle

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Dear Yuletide author,

First and foremost, thank you so very much for whatever treasure I know you will produce. This is my third year participating in Yuletide and it never fails to bring me piles of joy. I am giving slightly more detailed requests this year than I usually do, but optional details are optional! I can guarantee you I will absolutely love whatever you write for me.

My fandoms and specific requests are as follows:

Cradle Will Rock (1999)

I love the hot mess that is this movie, but I'm sad we never got to see much of Hallie Flanagan! She was a fierce badass lady, but she's not really in this much. Therefore, I would request a deleted/extended scene of sorts, stemming from the scene where Orson Welles invites her out to go drinking with him/Houseman/Blitzstein and she says she can't because they're going to a place that's too fancy for a civil servant :P. I would ADORE a fic in which she actually takes him up on his offer and goes out for drinks with them. She would totally be the resigned, professional mother-type in the face of their shenanigans and I think it could be hilarious. Alternatively, any sort of drunken shenanigans involving Welles/Houseman/Blitzstein would be greatly appreciated!

The Kingkiller Chronicle - Patrick Rothfuss

I don't really have a specific request here, other than I would like it to feature more on the minor characters than Kvothe himself. I adore Wil, Sim, Devi, Kilvin, Elodin, the whole sorry lot of them, but as this is Kvothe's story we don't get as much of them as I'd like. So...anything focusing on any one of the supporting characters! Truly not picky :D

Provost's Dog - Tamora Pierce

Okay, I have two different requests here, depending on whether or not you have read Mastiff yet... if you have not, ignore the first request due to spoilers.

Spoilers for Mastiff )

Alternatively, I would request any sort of fun story involving female-friendship-bonding time between Sabine, Goodwin, and Beka. A girls-night-out interrupted by some form of madcap shenanigans, perhaps? Sabine/Goodwin trying to get Beka to go out and actually have a good time for once? The possibilities are endless!

You can go by these or not as your heart desires, hopefully I am not being too too specific! Whatever you write will bring me joy, I am sure. Thank you so much in advance, and good luck!

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Yuletide, Yuletide, how I love Yuletide...

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